Attie & Goldwater Productions

If It's Not a Piano What is It?

Client: Themes Foundation

Length: 27 minutes

"I was thoroughly delighted with the harpsichord video Attie & Goldwater made for my small foundation because they captured the essential element that I wanted portrayed—a light, fun approach demonstrating the versatility of the harpsichord as a modern instrument. If It's Not a Piano is a great tool to show thousands of viewers on PBS and in classrooms, made by professionals who knew nothing about the harpsichord at first but still captured how modern and versatile this supposedly 'old' instrument can be."

Dorothy Freeman, President, Themes Foundation

Description: If It's Not a Piano What is It? features live footage of a harsichord concert of Christmas and popular music—including a jazz rendition of Sweet Georgia Brown!—accompanied by the Augusta Symphony Orchestra. Concert footage is intercut with lively and informative interviews with musicians, harpsichord makers, and music historians, as well as hilarious clips of Lurch playing the harpsichord in the Adams Family television series.

Client goal: The Themes Foundation seeks to introduce audiences of all ages and interests to the pleasures of the harpsichord by supporting media, concerts, and lectures. If It's Not a Piano What is It? was commissioned with the goal of creating a high quality documentary that would reach a wide audience. It was broadcast on PBS (through SECA) and continues to be distributed by SECA for use by music educators and harpsichord enthusiasts.

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